Wind Power System
Marine Applications

Wind Generator Marine Applications:

Wind generators used at sea are most often as battery chargers. Sail boats, and power boats can use Wind Generators to charge their battery banks (usually 24 VDC). Oil platforms often use Wind Generators to supplement their batteries responsible for communication or emergency uses.

Air Breeze marine wind generator 12/24/48 VDC Battery charging.

Air Dolphin 1,000 watts DC/AC.

Your considerations should include a calculation as to how much power you need, (All your loads turned on), and the Energy you need (How long each load is run). List your loads by power draw, then list the number of hours per day that they’ll run. The product of Power (watts) and Time (hours) gives you Energy.

Energy is described as Kilowatt-hours (KWH). This is the energy required to run a thousand watt load for one hour.

The most widely used Wind Generator is the AIR X – Marine manufactured by Southwest Wind Power.

HINT: Specify MARINE grade when your project is at sea or within three miles of the coast, or large body of water.

All wind turbines require a tower, or mast. The wind turbine will attach to the top of the pole, or mast, and is called the Masthead. The AIR X – MARINE is usually mounted on a 1.5” schedule 40 pipe. For marine applications be sure to use “powder coated” metal masts to abate corrosion from salt water.

To Estimate the energy demand of your marine application (your sail boat for example ), make a list of your DC loads (AC loads if you’re using an inverter to convert your battery DC voltage to 120 VAC electricity).

List your DC (or AC) loads in terms of Power Consumption when turned on, and list how many hours each day they’ll be powered up. Multiply the power rating by the hours running each day to yield Energy in KWH.

The AIR X – Marine wind generator will produce about 67 KWH per month in a 12 mph average wind zone. To size your system compare your Energy list above with 67 KWH per month from the wind generator.

If your total is at or below this number (67 KWH) then this will, on average, provide the energy you need. If your total is above this number then a second turbine should be considered.

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