Wind Energy Home Power
Net Metering

List of HOME POWER Net-Metering Wind Generators delineated by Energy Rating:

Energy Rating based on 12 mph average wind speed, Energy Rating expressed in KWH per Month.

Skystream 3.7 - 400 KWH

ARE 110 - 540 KWH

ARE 442 - 1,200 KWH

These wind turbines are interconnected to the Grid through a Safety Disconnect, Junction Box, and a Bi-Directional Meter.

Each of these machines produce a Single Phase 120 VAC/60Hz output that goes through a Grid-Tie inverter that senses the Grid conditions and exports the produced energy. An advantage to these machines is that they can be combined as independent power producers. For example, you can connect several machines to a Junction Box using an individual circuit for each turbine. Most Residential homes have a 200 Amp service. Using 120 VAC at 200 Amps allows, in this example, a Power Rating of 24 Kw.

Example G,

Home Power Net-Metering System using a wind generator, what size should we use? In this example we’ll find the electric bill and note that monthly consumption is 900 KWH. The hardware listed above shows that two (2) Skystream 3.7s, each putting out on average 400 KWH each, can be used to come in just under the recorded energy load of 900 KWH.

Using two Skystreams combine to produce 800 KWH. This would be a good choice for this example.

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