Click to enlargeDefine Your Wind Project

The first step in planning your wind project is to define what type of wind project you want. This may sound pompous, but vital, to define the electrical characteristics of your application. In this chapter we’ll address the issues that define your wind project. Print out these pages to use as a check list to further define your wind power project.

From sailboats to wind farms it's vital to define the electrical and economic performance of your proposed wind power project.

Select your Wind Project Type:

__________ Marine Application (Sailboat, Powerboat, Oil Platform)

__________ Mobile Application (RV, Temporary Installation)

__________ Home Power Grid-Tie for Net-Metering

__________ Home Power Stand-Alone (Not connected to Grid)

__________ Home Power Grid-Tie with Battery Back-up

__________ Commercial Net-Metering (Commercial site exporting to Utility)

__________ Commercial Grid-Tie with Battery Back-up

__________ Wind Farm

Each of these applications using Wind Power will require different equipment. This list above can also be considered from an electrical standpoint in terms of Power production and Energy production. The list is organized from small to large.

Defining Your Wind Generator Project Type wiprtypaone