Click to enlargeWyckomar All-in-One Series
12 GPM UV water treatment

Complete 12 GPM UV water treatment system. High capacity All in One means factory assembled and tested.

UV water sterilizer includes all sediment and Carbon filters. The Wyckomar MD-1004 is rated at 12 GPM. Complete system the MD-1004 comes with three-stage filters for sediment and odor control. UV water sterilizer uses 1" port size (IN/OUT). The Wyckomar UV Water sterilizing system uses filters to extract particulates.

All in One 12 GPM fully integrated and tested at the factory.

Carbon filters then remove odor and micro-contaminates resulting in a clear water that is then subjected to high intensity UV wavelengths. These wavelengths cause the destruction of harmful pathogens.

Excellent system for remote locations, or when well water needs treatment.

Length: 37.75 inches Height: 45 inches Lamp Power: 84 watts Weight: 185 lbs.

The All-in-One series of integrated water treatment systems is designed to provide exceptional treatment to your water supply. UV all in one uses multiple levels of filtration, electronic water conditioning to prevent and reduce scale build-up in your plumbing system. UV disinfection ensures the safety of your water supply. Clean potable water from compromised water sources.

UV Water Sterilizer Wyckomar UV Water Treatment All-in-one Series 12 GPM WKY-12GPMRetail Price: $3,999.00Sale Price: $3,797.00Voltage: