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Ultra Violet water

The UV-3000 System combines high-quality pre-filtration with our high-power ultraviolet purification technology to produce a complete water quality system for use in residential, and light commercial applications.

The filter systems remove sediment, rust, dirt, taste and odours that may be present in the water. The water is then purified in the high-intensity UV chamber producing drinking water that is crystal-clear and free from disease-casuing pathogens including bacterial, viral or cyst contamination. Sediment filter 5 micron. Carbon filter 0.5 micron.

Flow rate: 30 Gallons per minute

Maximum Lamp Power: 120 watts

Size: Length - 52 inches, Width - 8 inches, Depth - 8 inches.

Weight: 44 lbs

The UV-3000 is equiped with an alarm system which sounds an audible alarm if the UV lamp is not functioning properly. This features offers peace-of-mind that your UV water purification system is working for you day and night.

Wyckomar UV-3000 Water Sterilizer Water Treatment System 30 GPM WKYUV-3000Retail Price: $1,529.00Sale Price: $1,499.00Voltage: