Click to enlargeXantrex C-12 
Charge Controller
and Lighting Controller
for 12 VDC up to 12 Amps

Lighting and charge controller for solar PV panel battery charging. Battery charging voltage 12 VDC. Charge your 12 VDC battery up to 12 Amps. Xantrex C-12 Charge & Lighting Controller

Control your lighting and other loads that are being powered by a battery system charged with Solar PV Panels, or Wind Generators.

Trace C-12 lighting and charge controller is PWM microprocessor-based and ideal for small village power systems, vacation homes, outdoor area lighting, sign lighting, and bus shelters.

Charge and lighting controller has a 12-amp low-voltage disconnect and an automatic lighting control.

Lighting control turns the light on at dusk, then has an adjustable duration timer for 2 to 8 hours of run time, or can be set to run all night. If the battery gets low, lights are turned off. Ideal for solar PV battery charging. Charge your 12 VDC batteries with SolarTech PV panels. Use this charge controller to control battery charging and lighting hours.

User-adjustable LVD set points. For use in 12-volt systems only. Can be mounted outdoors. Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.3" x 1.5". UL Listed. 2-year warranty.

Excellent low cost high quality battery charge controller for 12 VDC Solar PV Systems, and can be used as a Lighting System Controller.

Solar PV Panel Xantrex C-12 Charge Controller and Lighting Controller 020-08002Retail Price: $159.00Sale Price: $149.00