Stand Alone Inverter
Xantrex 2,400 Watts AC
12 VDC

Solar Off-Grid Inverter with Modified sine-wave inverter with 3 stage battery charger, automatic AC transfer relay. Off grid inverter Xantrex TR2412 rated at 2.4 Kw AC. AC single phase 12/240 VAC. Rated output 2,400 watts AC. Battery charging voltage 12 VDC.

For stand alone or utility back up applications for both residential and commercial applications. Solar off grid inverter produces clean sine wave outputs and 2,400 watts of AC power.

Ideal for remote solar PV battery charging home power systems. Charge 12 VDC battery bank to power this off-grid inverter.

Wall or shelf mount: 7.3" deep by 21.5" wide by 8.5" high

For stand-alone Solar PV systems charging 12 VDC battery banks. Off grid 2.4 Kw inverter use the TR2412. Use a DC disconnect on the positive leg between the inverter and the battery bank.

This is an excellent choice for stand-alone solar or wind power supplies. Great reputation and solar performance in the field.

Solar Off-grid Inverter Xantrex TR2412 - 2.4 Kilowatt at 12 Volts 030-01305Retail Price: $1,400.00Sale Price: $1,145.00