Inverter 5,500 Watt
48 VDC

Off grid Xantex inverter rated at 6 Kw AC output. 6,000 watts AC at 120/240 VAC. Battery voltage charging at 48 VDC. Xantrex XW6048 inverter model. Sine-wave inverter with 3 stage battery charger, automatic AC transfer relay and built in LCD display / control panel. For stand alone or utility-interactive applications.

Excellent Choice for your Solar and Wind Powered Energy Systems.

Wall or shelf mount:

Maximum AC Power output 6,000 Watts AC

9" deep by 22.5" wide by 15.1" high

Off grid inverter Model Number: XW6048:

Output 5.5 kva 120 vac 60 Hz output, with 70 amp charger and 60 amp AC.

Designed to exacting power utility standards, the XW series inverter is the most versatile line-tie inverter on the market. The XW series inverter automatically synchronizes with the uilities power signal to produce a wave form suitable and accepted for sale back to your local utility grid.

Two year warranty.

Use this Off-Grid, and Grid-Tie inverter for your Solar or Wind Energy Battery Charging system to use the AC electricity directly, or you can configure the inverter for interconnection to your utility Grid. Use Solar PV panels, a combiner Box, and safety Disconnect to power charge your Battery Bank which powers this versatile inverter that includes its own Charge controller

Solar Off-Grid Inverter Xantrex XW6048 - 6 Kilowatts at 48 Volts xansw55kilatRetail Price: $5,000.00Sale Price: $4,500.00