XW4024 Inverter
Grid Tie/Battery 

Solar Off-Grid Inverter for your Solar and Wind Energy System. Off grid inverter rated at 4 Kw AC output. 4,000 watts AC at single phase 120/240 VAC. Battery voltage 24 vDC. Use solar PV panels such as REC solar 250 watt 24 VDC to charge your batteries. Use this off grid inverter for AC output.

Xantrex XW series inverters have plenty of power to run microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and power tools. They were originally designed as a standby power systemto keep lights and refrigerators going in Caribbean countries that are plagued with numerous power failures.

Xanterx model XW4024 is rated at 4000 watts AC output with a 24 Volt DC input.

Xantrex XW series inverters are used with Battery banks usually charged with solar PV panels, or wind generators. Use a DC Safety Disconnect between the battery and inverter on the positive leg.

The XW Series can be programmed to start/stop auxiliary generators, and inverfaces with a PC. All program setings are stored in flsh memory so they are maintained even if the iverter is disconnected from the battery.

Grid Tie function provides that your batteries are always topped off for an emergency.

ETL listed to UL standards.

120 Charger Amps.

2 year Factory Warranty

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