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Power Center for
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Emergency Power

In emergencies either natural or man-made the need for charging electrical devices is universal.

The XPower Powerpack 400-Plus provides household electricity anywhere for Emergency or Remote needs for power on-demand.

Xantrex, now Schneider Electric offers a product ideal for emergencies and for running electronics and appliances away from utility grid power. The rechargeable, and portable XPower Powerpack 400-Plus delivers 400 watts of portable AC power and can run small household appliances and personal electronic devices, making a portable power product for power-outages or outdoor use like camping, hunting, fishing, and expeditions.

XPower Powerpack 400-Plus includes jumper cables, an AC charger that recharges the Powerpack from a standard wall outlet, a DC charging cable to recharge the power pack from the battery of a car, truck, boat or small RV. Easy to operate, the XPower-Powerpack has a three-digit digital display which indicates the percentage of available battery capacity; watts of power being drawn from its two AC outlets for great feedback. The portable XPower Powerpack 400-Plus also includes a built-in air compressor with nozzle adapters to quickly inflate tires or sports equipment on the go.

Xpower Power Pack Features

Operates 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere

Built-in 400 watt inverter for AC output

Sealed, maintenance-free 20 amp-hour AGM battery

Power pack includes 250 PSI Air compressor for inflating tires and small inflatables.

This Power Pack includes Jumper cables designed for safe and efficient jump-starting of small vehicles.

The X-Power includes a built-in light providing illumination in emergency situations at home and on in the field.

the 3-digit display allows for easy battery status monitoring and includes an Audible alarm which signals overheating and under-voltage situations.

Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer inverter life in your unit, and includes AC charger to plug into your wall and charge when you're not in the field.

Accessories for the Power Pack include:

Jumper Cables - use XPower Powerpack 400 Plus to jump-start your vehicle in a pinch.

Included Nozzle Adapters - pump air into your vehicle tires or small inflatable equipment.

AC Charger - recharge XPower Powerpack 400 Plus from a standard wall outlet

DC Charging Cable - recharge XPower Powerpack 400 Plus from your car, truck, boat or RV

Includes Accessory bag


For Emergency Natural and Man Made Situations:

Inflates tires, Jump-starts vehicles, Charges cordless and cellular phones, Powers emergency light, TVs and radios. For Outdoor and Indoor Applications. Inverter powers camcorders, video games, cameras, tablets, stereos, 13 TV/VCR, Runs hand-held blenders, fans, computers, laptops, clock radios, and small power tools, very useful in emergencies.

Portable power supply for emergency use.

Xantrex XPower 400 Plus Power Pack Complete Power Center AC/DC 30-1513Retail Price: $199.00Sale Price: $189.00