Click to enlargeXPower Mobile Plug-in
Inverter rated at 75 Watts AC
12 Volts DC

When you need power on the go and only have your 12 VDC plug in your car or truck, use this Xpower plug in power inverter rated at 75 Watts AC.

Portable AC power from DC sources is always a problem for people out in the field. This Xpower mobile inverter plug offers a convenient solution for plugging in your AC loads to your car's lighter style plug.

The XPower Mobile-Plug 75 is one of the smallest inverters on the market today and is very popular for smart phone charging. The Xpower plug in inverter incorporates high frequency technology converting power from your car or truck battery 12 VDC into standard utility power 120 VAC through a single, three prong outlet.

Plugging the XPower Mobile-Plug 75 inverter into a car or trucks lighter socket, you can charge and power electronic devices including smart phones, camcorders, tablets, ipads, laptop computers and PDAs.

The Plug in the Xpower mobile inverter to power 75 watts for 5 minutes and 60 watts continuously in use. Plug the Xpower into your car 12 VDC outlet to provide charging when you're traveling in your car or truck and power your small device.

Power your AC loads directly with this plug in efficient 12 VDC inverter rated at 75 watts.

One Year Warranty.

Ship weight: 7 lb.

Xantrex XPower Mobile-Plugs Inverter 75 Watts AC for 12 VDC 30-0075Retail Price: $89.00Sale Price: $79.00