Click to enlargeXPower Portable Inverter
Rated at 175 Watts AC
12 Volts DC

Portable Xpower inverter for 175 AC watts:

Plug in this portable inverter into your cigarette lighting for powering your mobile AC loads in the field. The XPower Mobile-Plug 175 is one of the lightest inverters available. The portable Xpower inverter mobile plug in feature is well built and able to keep your AC loads going from your car, truck or RV. This unit incorporates high frequency technology to convert power from your car vehicle's battery (12-volt DC) into the standard utility power (120-volt AC) through a single, three prong outlet easy to reach and plug into.

When you plug the XPower Mobile-Plug 175 into your vehicle's lighter socket, you can recharge and run electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, camcorders, cameras and most laptop computers/PDAs.

This plug-in inverter It will power up to 175 watts AC loads continuously. This is a great choice when you need an inverter to Plug in and Play. Many DC appliances need a boost when you're on the road, and if your camping, or fishing or otherwise outdoors then this little powerful plug in inverter is a must for your travels.

One Year Warranty.

Ship weight: 4 lb.

Xantrex XPower Mobile-Plugs Inverters 175 Watts AC for 12 VDC 30-0081Retail Price: $99.00Sale Price: $89.00