Click to enlargeComplete Portable AC 
and DC Power Pack
Emergency Equipment

Emergency responders need power on-demand. This high-efficiency battery inverter package provides power in the field when you need it.

Portable power pack the Xpower 300 plus provides back up power for your electrical loads both DC and AC. The internal 20 ah sealed maintenance free battery gives deep discharge to power the 300 watt internal inverter. Includes air compressor for your car, camper, boat or RV power back up needs. High efficiency charge controller included in this battery pack provides good charging characteristics.

Comes with One AC outlet (300 Watts AC) and One DC outlet (up to 6 amp draw).

Xpower 300 is ideal for power outages and the XPower 300Plus comes with a built-in fluorescent light and jumper cables, perfect for your boat, RV and camper. This complete portable power back up unit provides 120 VAC with an inverter and 20 Ah deep cycle battery for deep discharge performance in the field.

An internal 20 amp-hour battery, sealed and maintenance free will power a smart phone for over 38 hours, laptop computer for five hours, and portable stereo for 15 hours. Great endurance and relatively quick charging.

Includes one AC socket for 115 VAC and one DC plug for 12 Volts up to 12 amps on the DC side

Weight: 22 lbs

Xantrex XPower300 Plus Power Pack Complete Power Center AC/DC 30-15138Retail Price: $239.00Sale Price: $199.00