Click to enlargePortable Solar Charger
with 5 Watt Solar PV
Panel and 10 Ah battery

Portable solar power in a small package:

This all in one complete solar power charger is special in the industry. The Xantrex XPower™ Powerpack Solar is one of the first portable power pack that incorporates solar power in a compact, portable power system. The unit is completely self-renewing, which means the detachable 5-watt solar panel has the ability to recharge your power pack’s sealed maintenance free 10 amp-hour battery.

The 5-watt solar panel captures, stores and converts the sun’s renewable energy, recharging the XPower Powerpack internal battery, and extends the run-time of many devices.

Portable charger Product Features:

Runs 120-volt AC or 12-volt DC products Built-in 400-watt inverter for AC loads Maintenance free Sealed, non-spillable 10 amp-hour battery Two (2) 120-volt AC outlets, one (1) 12-volt DC socket and one USB port Three-digit display for easy battery status recognition Rubberized protection to guard against unit slipping and moving One AC charger included to charge from a standard wall outlet One DC charger included to charge from a vehicle or RV

Ship weight: 22 lb.

Xpower Complete Solar Charger System Portable Emergency Power Supply XPOWER-SCSPRetail Price: $319.00Sale Price: $299.00