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Natural or man made emergencies create a need for power on demand. When the electrical grid goes down and you need to charge your personal electronics and other small appliances then the Xpower 1500 is a work horse for you.

XPower 1500 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Battery supply with AC inverter for emergency power.

Xantrex, now Schneider Electric produces the Xpower 1500, and is used all over the world for portable energy on demand in the field. Mounted on a strong portable wheeled platform the Xpower 1500 provides a sealed maintenance-free battery (deep cycle) and fusing powering an AC inverter that produces single phase AC electricity at 115 VAC 60 Hz.

The XPower is Quiet - Portable - Rechargeable - Safe For indoor Use:

The 1500-watt electronic battery system is easy to use and rechargeable from the wall grid plug in power.

Runs 115 volt AC or 12 volt DC for electrical loads.

The Xpower provides emergency power when you need it - when the power is out. Use the convenient wheel platform to be portable and durable when you need to take it onsite, or move it around in the field.

The Xpower Requires no-maintenance, and is safe for indoor use too.

Recharge at home or from your vehicle (accessories included) with the included plug in options.

Ruggedly designed the Xpower rolls easily over rough terrain giving it portability in extreme and rugged landscapes and environments. Note: Do not submerge, and keep as dry as possible this is not marine grade rated. The XPower includes AC Charging Cable & DC Charging Cables for a complete and convenient package to carry with you. Safe to fly.

Specifications For The XPower 1500 Emergency Battery-Inverter pack for AC output up to 1,5000 watts.


Internal Battery Type Safe, Sealed AGM Battery no maintenance with capacity of 60 Amp-hours (Minimum) DC power Socket (Circuit Breaker Rating) 12 Amps (with Automatic Reset) features.

Dimensions: 15.6" x 12.3" x 14.5" (39.5 cm x 31.3 cm x 37.0 cm)

Weight 40 lb.

Xpower 1500 Portable Energy System Emergency Power Inverter - Battery 80-21500Retail Price: $479.00Sale Price: $439.00