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Camping, hiking and other outdoor activities sometimes need power. Carry your emergency electricity with you with this Xpower pack. When you're out in the field, or there is a power outage the XPower 300 is a great device. In emergencies both natural and man made the need for small electronic device charging is critical. Cell phones, lap tops, tablets, and other personal electronics are vital when the power is out.

This Portable power pack contains a deep cycle internal sealed maintenance-free battery, charge controller and internal AC inverter for 120 VAC at 60 Hz. Plugs into the wall socket to charge when you're at home.

This robust and well built emergency power pack will deliver up to 300 watts of AC power for your AC small appliances and includes a DC power plug up to 6 amps DC.

The Xpower's internal 21-amp hour sealed battery provides hours of emergency power, in the field, and can be charged from your wall outlet before you travel. The Xpower's AC output will power 115-volt AC, and 12-volt DC electronics with two AC plugs and one DC plug for flexible portable power.

The Xpower 300 includes jumper cables to assist in emergency Jump startering for cars, boats, campers and small RV vehicles.

Xpower 300 includes a high-efficiency 300 Watt AC inverter of solid state construction for long life. There is only one moving part - the heat exhaust fan.

Weight: 12 lb.

Portable battery charger Includes cables; AC plug-in charger to charge from your wall outlet. Powers devices including laptop computers, small TVs, radios, PDA, iPODs, smart phones, tables and small power tools and other electronics out in the field.

Xantrex xPower 300 Portable Power Pack Inverter and Battery Pack XP001Retail Price: $239.00Sale Price: $199.00