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Power Center Inverter

The XPower PowerSource 1800 comes with a deep cycle battery and 1,800 watt inverter for your large AC loads.

The perfect solution when you need your computer to stay on!

This UPS power system is ideal for personal home electronics when the lights and power go off. Electricity outages can threaten your productivity and sense of comfort. The new XPower™ PowerSource 1800 by Xantrex™ corp. is a perfect backup power solution for essential home appliances, emergency power electronics and full size office equipment when there is a power outage.

The Xantrex PowerSource 1800 watt inverter will provide up to twelve hours of uninterrupted backup power for your home orl office, and up to eight hours of runtime for essential small electronics during a power outage.

The XPower PowerSource 1800’s charged battery for hours for run time. When the grid power comes back, the XPower PowerSource 1800 switches the devices back to utility power, and recharges its internal battery then enters a standby mode until the next power outage occurs.

This UPS system with up to 1,800 Watts of power and hours of run time this Xantrex power source is used in remote homes, cabins and other sites where power may go out. Durable and NEC compliant this Xantrex UPS system is built with high quality and reliability.

Ship weight: 22 lb.

Xpower PowerSource 1800 Back Up Power Pack 1800 Watt Inverter XPOWER-1800Retail Price: $499.00Sale Price: $479.00