Click to enlargePowerSource 400 watts
Battery Inverter
System for AC/DC output

PowerSource 400 is rated at 400 Watts AC with a deep cycle battery pack.

Battery inverter package produces up to 400 Watts AC output.

Xantrex, now Schneider electric has developed the Xpower line and the PowerSource 400 is a model using a 40 Ah internal sealed battery for large energy reserves.

Xpower PowerSource 400 Battery/charge controller/inverter.

For back up power when the lights go off for your smaller electronics this well built power unit is strong and comes with an internal handle to lift the unit with ease. Caution this unit is 28 lb. so be careful.

Emergency Power back up battery can power a 40 Watt light, 13 TV, radio, small fan, and other small electrical devices for office and home.

Product Features:

400 watt inverter with five 115 VAC power outlets for operating multiple devices simultaneously.

Easy to transportation

Overload and over-temperature protection ensure long life in the field, and includes an internal sealed, 40 amp-hour battery. You can recharge from your home AC outlets. This UPS back up power is used often in small offices and remote homes where power outages occur.

Do not submerge and keep out of the rain, the strong plastic housing, however, offers great protection and protection from mechanical vibration. Keep dry.

Xpower PowerSource 400 Power Center UPS Back Up Power Pack xantrex400Retail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $379.00