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Emergency Power Pack

Emergencies are stressful especially if you don't have a power supply to charge your personal electronics vital for communications. Cell phones, tablets, PDAs, GPS, many electronics are important in a pinch for power.

Inverter rated at 600 watts with one DC outlet up to 12 amps at 12 VDC.

Use this portable power battery power supply when normal electricity from the grid is unavailable, or when you're camping in the field. The XPower Powerpack model 600HD is powered by a plug in rechargeable 28AH battery and provides 600 watts of single phase AC power.

With three AC outlets and one DC socket available, the 600HD is the right power solution for people with power emergencies, this powerpack includes an AM/FM radio unit with digital alarm clock, built-in emergency light, jumper cables and enough power to jump start a car, truck, or boat.

Xpower 600HD Description:

Heavy-duty XPower Powerpack model 600HD produces 600 watts of portable AC power with vehicle jumper cables unit and includes an AM/FM radio and digital alarm clock within the power pack.

The Xpower 600 is Powered by a plug in rechargeable sealed 28AH battery. XPower Powerpack 600HD produces up to 600 watts of AC electricity. With the included jumper cables jump start your car, truck, boat or small RV when you're at the side of the road.

The Xpower 600HD system can also operate a wide range of DC loads. Ideal for power emergencies and outages, the XPower Powerpack 600HD comes with a built-in emergency light and jumper cables.

Xpower Power Pack Product Features:

Runs 115-volt AC (3 outlets), Runs 12-volt DC (1 outlet) Built-in 600 watt inverter with Sealed, 28 amp-hour AGM battery. Power Pack also includes AM/FM radio and Digital alarm clock.

Weight: 22 lb.

XPower Power Pack 600HD Back Up Power Pack with 600 Watt Inverter/battery xant600hdRetail Price: $399.00Sale Price: $349.00